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Checksum error



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    Oddrun Christin Myklebust

    Hi Maria, thanks for posting on our fourm. Normally wouldn’t the age of the instrument give such errors. Usually checksum errors are due to noise on the cable, loose / bad connectors, too low baud rate at high data rate, long or well used/worn cables.  If you would like us to take a closer look, you are always welcome to send some files over.

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    Maria Gisi

    Hello Christin,

    Thank you for your answer. I am very interrested in the reason why this happens.

    I created a link in a Dropbox folder with three samples of the checksum error files.

    The first probe was the oldest, then the second, and the third was purched only three moths ago.

    Thank you for you dispoaition in looking in the files, here is the link:

    Best regards,



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