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Fields in Signature Deployment Matlab Output


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    Ellie Best

    Hi Kurt,

    Any time you see Up1 and Up2 (or Z1 and Z2), these are the two estimates of the vertical velocity from the slanted beams. Because most of our Signature instruments have 4 beams, you end up with each pair of opposing beams measuring one horizontal component and one vertical component - Beams 1 and 3 will measure X and Z1, Beams 2 and 4 will measure Y and Z2.

    We provide both vertical velocity measurements as another quality control parameter. They should be very similar since both pairs of beams are measuring the same vertical velocity. If they are quite different, then it may indicate that there is an issue with the data. If you need to use one vertical velocity measurement, we recommend averaging the two estimates.

    Best regards,


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