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Is it possible to convert data in ENU to beam coordinates ?



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    Ellie Best

    Hi Violaine,

    Apologies for the delay! And there is no such thing as a silly question :) You can absolutely go back to BEAM coordinates from ENU, the Matlab script in this FAQ has the reverse calculations as well: How is a coordinate transform done?

    The Signatures do actually make this a little easier than our older instruments - if you are exporting the raw data to Matlab using the SignatureDeployment software, you can tick "Coordinate transforms" and you will have the data in all three coordinate systems anyway. If you prefer to process the data first, Ocean Contour has the option of adding in the different coordinate systems to take through the processing.

    There is a pretty comprehensive set of scripts on Github by MGuerra that might be useful for you as well:

    Best regards,


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    Violaine Piton

    I wanted to add that I am using a Signature 1000 so I would need the coordinates in a 4-beam system.

    Thanks a lot !


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