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how to check battery capacity (Awac)



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    Kristin Svingen

    Hi Ma'ruf,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to say exactly what the remaining battery capacity is. The voltage of the alkaline batteries falls quickly at the beginning, slowly during most of its life, and then again quickly at the end. A 13.5 V battery pack will spend most of its life somewhere in a voltage range of 10.5-12.5 V. Therefore, it is not possible to determine exactly where in its life cycle the battery is based on the voltage. The only way to know is to keep track of how many Wh that has been used previously. Especially for long deployments we always recommend to use fresh batteries.

    If you want to read the voltage of the battery you can do this by connecting to it in the instrument software. You may also use the command "BV".

    Best regards


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    Ma'ruf Hadi Sutanto

    Hi Kristin,

    Thank you very much for your reply
    You are right the software can check the voltage and estimate the battery consumption, and a good suggestion to log previous usage.
    We are new users, maybe there are users who can share experiences in using awac, especially in checking the condition of battery capacity.
    We are also trying to find a tool that might be able to check the condition of the battery, for example the Battery Tester Analyzer (AUTOOL BT760), this tool is usually used to check the condition of the car battery, maybe someone knows, can we use this tool to check the condition of the awac battery? especially the remaining capacity/ Wh

    Best Regards,
    Ma'ruf HS

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    Jaime Solis

    Good Post.

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