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    David Velasco

    And here are the answers to the questions :-)

    1) The averaging interval is automatically set in order to provide enough pings such that a 1 cm/s precision (or better) is achieved under all conditions.  This is a function of the user-selected measurement interval and the deployment site's depth.  The number of pings used can be as few as about 12 pings and as high as several hundred pings.  In terms of time, this can be as short as about 1 minute and as long as about 10 minutes.

    2) The value reported is the average over the user-selected measurement interval.

    3) This questions as answered in an earlier post, so suggest reviewing that:

    4) No.  Although the Eco will transmit acoustic pulses and measure all its ancillary sensors, it will detect it is in air and therefore the automatic QA/QC will invalidate all the data.

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