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Does Eco recieve GNSS signal before starting a measurement?


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    David Velasco

    Hi Yusaku

    If you are deploying the Eco at or near sea level, you do not need to have it in air prior to deployment.  This is because the position used to tag the deployment's location is actually when the Eco surfaces at the end of the deployment; that is, the first valid GNSS position after the last in-water sample.  This is by design to handle exactly the type of condition you are describing (i.e. set up instrument in office for future start date and have instrument start already underwater).  The logic is that the most accurate deployment position data is that which is collected immediately following the surfacing of the Eco.

    The only time you must start the Eco in air is when deploying it at high elevation (typically ~100 m above mean sea level) so it can properly apply an atmospheric pressure correction.  See "Is it ok to deploy an Eco in a high elevation mountain stream or lake?" FAQ in the Eco App.

    Finally, recall that, should the deployment location be incorrect (can happen if no valid satellite fix is obtained prior to terminating the deployment), you can always adjust the location in the Eco App's map.

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