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Maximum anchor weight Eco buoy set can support


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    David Velasco

    Hello Diego

    While the Eco Release and the buoy system can handle 100 kg, this is not the right approach.  Part of a successful mooring deployment is keeping the anchor in the same location, which a 100 kg anchor should handle without a problem (recall the Eco buoy + Release buoy provide 14 kg of buoyancy; see first FAQ below).  However, a more important consideration is keeping the mooring upright and the Eco pointing as vertical as possible in order to maximize data return.  It won't be helpful if the mooring stays in the same location, but it is severely tilted due to the strong currents.  If you expect to have strong currents, say, > 1 m/s, a better deployment alternative is to instead use a tripod, like the Eco Tripod (, which doesn't require much weight due to it's open flow-through construction and low profile, or another type of NON-MAGNETIC tripod for your deployment.  You can then use the Eco's Release Buoy as a recover mechanism for the tripod if you wish.

    Good luck with your deployment, and let us know if you need further assistance!

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