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Can we retrieve the file offline and open for raw data accessing?



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    David Velasco

    Hello Wisarute

    Congratulations on your new Eco.  We hope you have many successful deployments with it.

    A key component of the Eco is its cloud-based data analysis infrastructure and Eco Account.  So while you can download data off the Eco without internet connection, you will need internet access to load the data onto your Eco Account for viewing it as the data processing is done on the cloud.

    However, note that you only need to do this once, as the data will then be stored in your browser's cache (or on the app’s cache if you are using iOS or Android app).  So you can review and export data without internet connection provided you do the following:

    1. While online, log into your Eco Account and actually open every deployment you’d like to review while offline (i.e. open them so you can see the data on the screen). This will load that deployment onto your browser’s cache.
    2. Do NOT log out of your account. Simple close the browser/app.  If you log out before going offline, you will not be able to look at data while offline.
    3. If running your Eco Account on a browser, do NOT clear the browser’s cache. Not applicable if you are using iOS or Android app.

    Once offline, all the deployments you opened up while online will still be available for viewing, exporting, generating report, etc.

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    Kong Yalisa

    Thank you.  The answer is clear and we will discuss with an end user again as they will not be able to use the eco with their operation. They will not have any internet access through out their operation. 

    Unfortunately, our supplier confirmed us before purchasing that it can be used offline but they might not be aware when we said offline is literally offline without any internet access.   

    Thanks for your reply :)

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    David Velasco

    Hi Wisarute

    Yes, that does seem to be the case.  In your specific case, offline is indeed 100% offline 100% of the time.  Perhaps if they pull to port during some of the time, or maybe even get close enough to shore to get internet access once, that might still help?

    Also, do note the Eco has a full WebShop where you can purchase spare parts if needed:

    Have a great weekend!

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