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Should pressure sensor valve be open or closed for deployment?



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    David Velasco

    The pressure sensor valve in the Eco can be used either opened or closed.  There is no change to performance or accuracy in either position.   Because the Eco can be deployed very close to the bottom, it may be exposed to high suspended sediment concentrations at times.  So we designed the Eco to have both a top as well as a side opening for the pressure sensor (see below FAQ from the Eco App).  The valve serves to close the top opening, thus minimizing the ingress of sediment into the pressure sensor.  Also, having two opening allows for easier flushing of the pressure sensor cavity should sediment get in there--just make sure to only use running water to flush the pressure sensor opening; never insert any tools or sharp objects into the opening so you don't permanently damage the pressure sensor!

    So, in summary, under most operations, leave the valve opened.  If you are going to be in very muddy water, close the valve.

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    Kong Yalisa

    Thanks a lot for your clarifications :)

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